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Fridays on the Fly: Jason Sparks Talks Tenkara


Friday instant: Jason Sparks talks about Tenkara

  These days, I like to hear all the constitutional Tenkara rods and lines. Just two years ago, these conversations were concentrated on some different "types" rods. I am not talking about the brand. I mean the function of the pole and its built -in design characteristics. There are nine feet rods, fifteen feet rods and zoom rods, built -in three lengths.

  The main points of conversation here can develop towards the size or description direction of the waters or species, from "small mouth bass to local Brooks to steel heads." These conversations are great. Every year, you can get the knowledge depth of these problems. As a result, we have a great understanding and adaptation of this form of flying fishing in Japan. Once you learn some basic knowledge about Tenkara, you can start to dial your interest and figure out where you want to go. But where do you start?

  Screenshot 2015-08-21, 3.04.01 pm

  I realize that from this perspective, there are opinions and suggestions from various angles. The Tenkara fisherman group has been welcoming "novice" and guiding them with good intentions.

  For brand choices, there will be a group of "buying entry kits" and "buying the best you can afford" and "obtaining warranty". I think this is a good thing worth talking about. These dialogue quickly solved the following problems: 1. "What type of water did you fish?" 2. "What type of fish do you want to fish?"

  This is a good direction for dialogue, because it provides the greatest help for the starter and helps them make better purchase decisions.

  However, you cannot solve all these problems in the 30 -second elevator speech on Tenkara. When I introduce Tenkara, I mean the question of which kind of pole or what kind of line I always choose. I provide my email address and encourage everyone to send specific problems. I shared the brand and comments, as well as the forum and the Facebook website so that people can track their own Intel.

  Screenshot 2015-08-21, 3.04.24 pm

  I brought them to Tenkara’s friendly guide and flying shop of the entire Abbarachians. I began to ask them about water issues, the size, depth, flow rate, fish size, etc.

  However, for beginners, there may be too many these. If they are newbies of fishing, they may never hear or consider these issues before. When I asked "warm water or cold water", "bass or catfish", I often see this. The big question mark always pops up in the bubble above their heads.

  This year, I added slides on the deck of the presentation and entered Nitty Gritty. This is the so -called "Article 12 Rules". This is nothing more than a designed to stick to beginners and help him or her beautiful guide in the process. Even if they don’t remember anything else, this will still help them there. If you are a new flight fishing and want to stand out from Tenkara, please remember this: twelve feet. Twelve steps. Twelve (size) fly -12/12/12. It will let you get started.

  Screenshot 2015-08-21, 3.04.13 pm

  All the others are endless. Forget the details of water or species. In the basic elements of Tenkara Fly Fishing, let us take 12/12/12 as the starting point. Simply finish. I can use 12/12/12 rigs to fish most of the waters and species along the Blue Ridge. A 12 -foot rod has an incredible generality and function.

  These 12 -foot rods have the best position of fish in the range of 10 to 16 inches, and they are routinely landing catfish in a 20 -inch situation. It is best to use the long line of about using a rod, so a twelve walking line is suitable for it. My teaching also suggested that "furry Kevlar", there are several reasons, including durability, zero stretching and easy casting.

  The third round is the flies size. Over the years, we have escaped the flight size back and forth. In the growing Tenkara fisherman community, the general consensus tends to the twelve flies. Remember, we cut the entire system to a "easy start" component. I dare to be sure that a few flies will complete this work. With a small number of 12 Sakasa Kebari Japanese -style flies, I am confident in any water.

  When starting the next Tenkara adventure, please use "12 rules".

  -Jason Sparks, Abbarachia Tenkara fishingman