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Fridays on the Fly: Abbi Bagwell Confronts Her Streamer Addiction Head-on


Friday immediately: Abbi Bagwell (ABBI BAGWELL) faces her ribbon addiction positively

  Photos of Alan Broyhill (Alan Broyhill)

  stream media. What an intoxicating words. For those who don’t know what the ribbon is, let me fill you. Ribbons are large flies that mimic large bait, such as bait, crayfish, Hellgrammites, Leeches and other large aquatic insects. The ribbon is the closest to the fisherman who imitates traditional bait.

  I didn’t start playing fishing, but I came to find that the style of fishing was a real addiction. Don’t misunderstand what I meant. I like to hang the indicator of two flies at the bottom. Watching "Thingamabobber" is inhaled into the water, but this is not the same as you feel that the huge fish is watering or watching the fish. During life, delicious flies.


  "Dipping" -Come on, this is not your idea. Dipping the production line can make your ribbon life, make flies dance in the water, and imitate your "bait" when swimming. This is the reason why streaming media fishing is so outstanding -chasing stimulus. You are looking for a fish to find a ribbon physically.

  What is the most exciting thing for ribbon fishing? The larger flies captured larger fish. period. You can drift nymphs or floats all day, but it is unparalleled to throw the chickens to 10 years old. I don’t say that it is not exciting to catch 22 -inch brown catfish on 24 MIDGE (super small flies). Must -this is enthusiastic. However, I like its work, energy, exquisite and dedication. You have been moving, constantly covering a lot of water, and constantly on your toes, waiting for the river monster to wipe out your flies.


  I threw a ribbon throughout the afternoon and the whole night, and returned empty -handed. But this is its beauty. That’s why it is called fishing, not fishing. For me, this is about the journey. This is about experience and related to learning.

  Therefore, next time you loaded the flying fishing adventure, 8WT was carried out, bringing 3 times tips, grabbing some Skulpin Bunnies, and then ready. You will be fascinated; if you stand behind, in front of me or near me, when I put the chicken chuck to the fish I dreamed of Dream, it will be fascinated.

  Abbi Bagwell is the business operating manager of Flymen Fishing Company, headquartered in Brevard, North Carolina. Pay attention to her flies fishing adventure on Instagram and YouTube.