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Fridays on the Fly: Fly Fishing for Dinosaurs


Friday immediately: Flying of Fishing Dinosaurs

  Imagine that you stand on the bow of the boat and fly on hand. When you scan the water to obtain shadows or movements, you can prepare for casting, and fish can appear from nothing. Now you have lock the fish you think you have been looking for. It is indeed a fish with only 35 feet, pointing directly to you! Several fast false castings, your flies have fallen perfectly in his sight. The fish saw the flies and surged on it. Hooks and fishing!

  Stop things, right? You may think that I have set up a scene for the apartment fishing scene, bone fish, Tappen may be proven as a target species. But a series of events described above may be closer to the common events.

  Screenshot 2015-07-10, 11.12.14 am

  Longnose Gar. That’s right, another garbage fish is glory in the fly fishing blog. These fish can bring great stimuli to the fishingmen, especially when they are aimed at the fish you target. Longnose Gar can be found in the west of the eastern coastal areas and the west of the Mississippi drainage area. They live in slow moving rivers, reservoirs and estuaries. Longnose Gar is basically dinosaurs and finds no evolution. Wearing hundreds of teeth similar to Thumbtack and the slender nose with different spots on the sides. The aesthetics of these fish alone are convincing reasons to chase them on the flying rod. GAR also has the ability to breathe. Usually, you will see that they do this throughout the summer.

  Gar Fishing is a real sight fishing. The "apartment fishing" I described before is exactly what we want. Gar you want to feed is usually located in the upper area of ??the water column, making it easier to see. When they breathe the air, they are a dead gift, just like Tappeng rolls. They often live in the slower vortex, large rocks or downstream of the falling trees. GAR gave the fishingman a rare battle in freshwater fishing. When they try to disconnect the connection, they will jump, beat and roll.

  Screenshot 2015-07-10, 11.12.25 am

  As far as the shovel is concerned, we like to use 6-8WT rods and scrolls, with smooth resistance, and extend with warm water floating lines. Because GAR has teeth, you can use the heads that stand out several times to outline your leaders, so it is not a bad idea to run 9 feet 20 pounds and 20 pounds of carbon fluoride. These fish seem to be really critical on the white band and move a lot. I depict some flies I have achieved good success. The first two flies are hinged bait flies. Both have a large number of exercise and extremely sharp thorns hooks, which can better penetrate Gar’s Boney’s mouth parts. The flies at the bottom are just tied to the hook without weaving nylon ropes. The idea here is that nylon is wrapped in hundreds of small teeth, almost like a magic sticker.

  Screenshot 2015-07-10, 11.12.04 am

  When you are the most expected, GAR often pops up. If there is not enough time to switch the rod or fly, what I want to say is what you get there. We have seen these fish falling on anything from Clawdads to Poppers. If you want to try some new things this summer, find out what water around (or other species that are usually not chased). You may even find the new species you like to chase at any time.

  -Cole Columbus is Albemar Fisherman in Charlottesville, Virginia