A Word About Waders


  If you have been fishing for many years, you have witnessed the evolution of the chest.In the past, I refer to the "past" in the 1960s and early 1970s. Most people wore boots and shoes made of sulfurized rubber.You may think that the wader produced by the Wagan people will display senior alien technology, but these wading volume is heavy, fit, completely non -baked, and the traction of rubber pad boots is not good.Did I mention them suitable?

  In any case, this was available at the time.Of course, many people wearing this technology’s hip joint boots, which may be smart, because if you swim, you can pull them away.With the breasts and wading, you are in the dark DOO.

  Then the chlorine rubber waded.When I came out, I guided it in Alaska, and I was one of the first generation of James Scott Waders.These are much better than before. I am making fun of my tour guide throughout the summer, and they are wearing old things.However, the early new adrenaline was not smooth.There is no fabric inside their interior, so you must open the wader from the inside out and then roll it.And because wet clothes are made of chlorine rubber, the Wad manufacturer believes that the wader should have similar fit, which means tight.These early new kidneys tend to "lift and separate" in a very incredible way.On the other side of the spectrum, a slimmer like me is like a elves like brown tight pants.

  Over time, the manufacturer learned that they could make chloroprine rubber wading on both sides of the fabric.They also found that because most customers did not build like Legolas and do not appreciate the gymnastics involved, they may redesign the size.For a period of time, choppen rubber wading, especially James Scott, Streams and Simms waders are very comfortable and considered the forefront.

  Around this time (in the early 1980s), lightweight socks appeared.I think Red Ball is the first, followed by HODGMAN, Seal Dri, etc.I may misunderstand some of the facts, because my detailed research includes chip search, dialogue with alcohol fuel guide, and my own hazy memory.In any case, lightweight wading is a step in the correct direction, but the breathability is not.In the heat of summer, the vision of Amazon Rainforest, and even practical hallucinations, and in winter, you are still gentle and low temperature, because high -tech, synthetic layers and insulation materials are only introduced. Most of us are all people.Wearing cotton or wool, John.at this time.

  I believe it was the first Gore-TEX wader in 1993.Simms introduced them, their color is brown.I have a pair, which is comfortable in terms of comfort. This is a big step forward.However, when the comfort began to leak, the comfort was greatly reduced, and it soon soon.There is a problem with SIMMS’s seams.Despite the early problems, SIMMS was on the right road.

  In my opinion, a few years later, Simms made the first real breathable wader.I think it is called a "guide volume", and it has a facial fabric with microbial material (of course, a GORE-TEX between the two), which is very soft and comfortable.At this time, with the help of GORE, Simms has figured out many things about sealing seams.In addition, the wader canceled the lightweight fabric and supported more comfortable club rubber.Simms Guide Wader is very popular and proven to be very durable.For a while, I still saw someone wearing an old man today.

  Over time, many companies jumped into the Wader business.I can understand the motivation of profits, but as far as I personally, I have already had a nightmare about wading manufacturers.This is because there are two types of waders, those leaked waders and waders who will leak.It turns out that this is a problem with a problem.Humanity is like this. People want to breathe, cheap waders, and will continue forever.People still want to go to heaven.In addition to unrealistic expectations, people often abuse wading, pass through the thorns and thistle jungles, climb the fence of Papul, sit on the grinding ropes, and lend them to their medium size of the medium size.LOVE foot.Of course, all these people want Wader Company or retailers to immediately repair their leaked wader.Writers, I am the worst abuse and the biggest complaint."For God’s sake, we are a professionals -people consisting should give us wading." In any case, I can continue to move forward, but maybe you can understand the continuous nightmare.Zoloft provides help.

  Back to Wade History: I should mention that not all breathable waders are made of Gore Tax.The wading of waterproof and breathable coatings began to appear.The early generations of these waders did not impress me, but now they are close to the breathability and durability of Gore-TEX.In some cases, I think these water -related workers are more comfortable because fabrics are more flexible.Many companies produce these waders, and the price may be very reasonable.It can be said that Rio Gallegos Wader in Batayonia is currently the best wader in the market, and it is not a Gore-TEX Wader.

  In addition, please remember that not all Gore-TEX membranes are equal.Some are aimed at aerobic exercise (bloody activity), and are highly breathable, while others emphasize durability and low ventilation.Support fabrics combined with membranes work in all aspects.Water -related people emphasize durability rather than breathability. Some senior waders are multi -layered, especially in legs and seats.Although this will produce durable water -related engines, keeping the layer together in the glue that will also affect the breathability.Therefore, we return to "everything you can’t have" reality.Consumers must decide what he really needs.

  Recently, we have seen a pocket with various zipper pockets, waterproof pockets, manual bags and toes flavors.Surprisingly, what you can fill in these (camera, potato chips, machetes), if you know how to organize, this allows you to get rid of the vest or Fanni bag.Although all these functions are very practical and convenient, they do add a lot to the chest area.If you want to wear waders rolling down in hot weather, they are not working well.Of course, this is when the waist -high wading person can choose, unless you need to deepen the wading.

  If the water is really cold, the breathable wader is a ticket.The extra rooms in the suitcase will capture warm air, allowing you to swing your toes.In addition, they are more likely to carry and close compared with the wader of the inventory.Flying stores found that they had problems with their inventory, because there were big feet dwarfs, basketball players were small, and all the combinations between the two.Therefore, it is not easy to find the ideal size, and the price is expensive.Having said that, they have a good effect, and the tour guide is particularly coveted, especially in the liquid ice of the tail.But for a few years, we have not been waded from Simms, because they said they had problems with mud boots.I have never encountered problems with Mark boots. I know there is no problem. Therefore, in order to avoid riots in several fishing towns, the company is better to introduce the boots and foot model again.The bad rotten stall boots.Thank you.I feel a lot now.

  Can discuss more.The chest water -related device should lift your chest.Don’t be too short.Don’t be too long.Dry them after fishing.The wizard is famous for not drying. In the summer in summer, they smell like Mzo deer.If you want to "access to access", the zipper wader is very good.Buy a pair with good zippers, such as Simms and Patagonia.When you don’t use them, unlock them.Don’t let them pull and roll up, because this may cause zipper problems.

  There are some great waders there, they become better every year.Take care of them, they will serve you well.