Fridays on The Fly: 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Guided Fly Fishing Trip


Friday instant: 5 methods to get the maximum benefits from the directed flying fishing journey

  Fishing people choose to use the service of the guidelines or clothing, the reason includes the most effective local water, flies and strategies that eager for fast, easily learn the most effective local water, and simply let experts work well. s hard work. Generally, customers cannot make full use of the experience by focusing on wrong things (for example, obtaining the secrets of all the "guidelines" or the mentality of "trophy fish or bust").

  You can do something to ensure that your trip is as good as possible.

  The first mistake made by many customers is to show fishing that was not prepared that day. This may involve anything from late and hanging to a simple attitude, because the weather or water condition seems unfavorable from the beginning. In the latter case, give your guide a chance to succeed before writing a trip -they usually have emergency plans, even if they are unfavorable conditions, they can save one day.

  Some simple things you can prepare in advance include cleaning lines and practice casting, especially if you are used to rolling casting on the Oriental Cunfish Creek and traveling to salt, test your daily routine! If you are not familiar with fisheries, please read information about fisheries and understand your expectations -for example, when you share bows and arrows.

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  Just because you are fishing for fishing, you can’t guarantee that you will capture many fish or the largest fish in your life. Most of them depends on your fishing ability-play, demonstration, experience battle and fish playing, whether you start your homework start-and other factors that have little control in this guide, such as weather and water or you plan to fish for a year time.

  Let your guide know what you want in your trip. If you want the digital size, you need to give the guide to know this at the time of booking so that you can plan a trip in a season or fisheries to optimize your opportunity to achieve your goals. You should also remind the guide at the beginning because it may change the type of flies or water you cover. According to experience, if you keep it in the hands of the guide, please rest assured that they will always try to make the best phone call on the day, but if you don’t tell them, they will not know what you want.

  People will think that if a person hires a guide, they will at least be willing to listen and learn from the guide, but it is not always the case. Self -often hinders you. My best suggestion is that even if it does target you, don’t consider the criticism of the guide too much. Many challenges encountered are targeted at their unique fishing brands. Involving the learning curve, your guide must guide your necessary technologies, but you must accept it.

  Listening guidelines can not only help you capture more fish during the journey, but also teach you information. This information will be more successful in future travels. Therefore, prepare for active learning. My best customers -those who have been fishing with me for many years and very skilled fisheries ask me why I do what we are doing at a given time. Therefore, they have become exquisite small mouth fisheries.


  What it will never surprise me is that the frequency of the success rate of skills directly related to the customer at the end of the day (that is, how many "hero shooting" on mobile phones). Fishing people who use guidelines often know that when the most difficult days of fishing, the guide is actually working harder -try each weapon in Arsenal to put its customers on the fish. In fact, the booking guide often pays the largest dividend. I just asked my friends who had no guide that day, and then the infamous! There were many days on the new river. At that time, I took it on the ramp on the ramp on a wonderful day and encountered other fishermen who complained about bad fishermen. There has never been the opposite thing.

  If each trip is carried out under the ideal weather and water conditions, all the guides will like it, and the customers who Dream make can abandon one mile and never miss the fish, but this is not the case. The reality is that most of the days will fall behind to some extent, and this is the effort of the guide to bring you advantages (I often joke, sometimes I look more like a miracle worker than anything else!). The fact is that a good guide provides rich knowledge and professional knowledge, which should be compensated by his or her time, just like any other occupation consultant. It is also necessary to realize that the guide depends on the tip of additional 15 % to 20 %. In addition to the costs and equipment costs that they occur every day, they have long -term long distances and often driving distances, and have gasoline, food and bus costs. Now, if you think the guide is lower than the standard, or just put his or her time on the water (spend a lot of text messages), then your cutting -edge should also reflect this, but this is another matter.

  Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum benefits from the next tour guide, please remember to do your homework, curb your expectations, become a kind learner and listen to the guide, you will get more experience. A large number of reminders and ensure that you get the golden date on the calendar next year!


  Mike is a flying designer, the person in charge of the plan, and is the owner and operator of Flymen Fishing Co. and New River Fly Frying. He wrote five fly fishing books, called the fisherman guide series. His iconic flies include skull dad’s crayfish, cunning shrimp, foraging flying flies, salt water foraging flying flies, river creatures, salt creatures and eggs sucking flash fish.

Fridays on the Fly: Fly Fishing for Dinosaurs


Friday immediately: Flying of Fishing Dinosaurs

  Imagine that you stand on the bow of the boat and fly on hand. When you scan the water to obtain shadows or movements, you can prepare for casting, and fish can appear from nothing. Now you have lock the fish you think you have been looking for. It is indeed a fish with only 35 feet, pointing directly to you! Several fast false castings, your flies have fallen perfectly in his sight. The fish saw the flies and surged on it. Hooks and fishing!

  Stop things, right? You may think that I have set up a scene for the apartment fishing scene, bone fish, Tappen may be proven as a target species. But a series of events described above may be closer to the common events.

  Screenshot 2015-07-10, 11.12.14 am

  Longnose Gar. That’s right, another garbage fish is glory in the fly fishing blog. These fish can bring great stimuli to the fishingmen, especially when they are aimed at the fish you target. Longnose Gar can be found in the west of the eastern coastal areas and the west of the Mississippi drainage area. They live in slow moving rivers, reservoirs and estuaries. Longnose Gar is basically dinosaurs and finds no evolution. Wearing hundreds of teeth similar to Thumbtack and the slender nose with different spots on the sides. The aesthetics of these fish alone are convincing reasons to chase them on the flying rod. GAR also has the ability to breathe. Usually, you will see that they do this throughout the summer.

  Gar Fishing is a real sight fishing. The "apartment fishing" I described before is exactly what we want. Gar you want to feed is usually located in the upper area of ??the water column, making it easier to see. When they breathe the air, they are a dead gift, just like Tappeng rolls. They often live in the slower vortex, large rocks or downstream of the falling trees. GAR gave the fishingman a rare battle in freshwater fishing. When they try to disconnect the connection, they will jump, beat and roll.

  Screenshot 2015-07-10, 11.12.25 am

  As far as the shovel is concerned, we like to use 6-8WT rods and scrolls, with smooth resistance, and extend with warm water floating lines. Because GAR has teeth, you can use the heads that stand out several times to outline your leaders, so it is not a bad idea to run 9 feet 20 pounds and 20 pounds of carbon fluoride. These fish seem to be really critical on the white band and move a lot. I depict some flies I have achieved good success. The first two flies are hinged bait flies. Both have a large number of exercise and extremely sharp thorns hooks, which can better penetrate Gar’s Boney’s mouth parts. The flies at the bottom are just tied to the hook without weaving nylon ropes. The idea here is that nylon is wrapped in hundreds of small teeth, almost like a magic sticker.

  Screenshot 2015-07-10, 11.12.04 am

  When you are the most expected, GAR often pops up. If there is not enough time to switch the rod or fly, what I want to say is what you get there. We have seen these fish falling on anything from Clawdads to Poppers. If you want to try some new things this summer, find out what water around (or other species that are usually not chased). You may even find the new species you like to chase at any time.

  -Cole Columbus is Albemar Fisherman in Charlottesville, Virginia

Fridays on the Fly: Jason Sparks Talks Tenkara


Friday instant: Jason Sparks talks about Tenkara

  These days, I like to hear all the constitutional Tenkara rods and lines. Just two years ago, these conversations were concentrated on some different "types" rods. I am not talking about the brand. I mean the function of the pole and its built -in design characteristics. There are nine feet rods, fifteen feet rods and zoom rods, built -in three lengths.

  The main points of conversation here can develop towards the size or description direction of the waters or species, from "small mouth bass to local Brooks to steel heads." These conversations are great. Every year, you can get the knowledge depth of these problems. As a result, we have a great understanding and adaptation of this form of flying fishing in Japan. Once you learn some basic knowledge about Tenkara, you can start to dial your interest and figure out where you want to go. But where do you start?

  Screenshot 2015-08-21, 3.04.01 pm

  I realize that from this perspective, there are opinions and suggestions from various angles. The Tenkara fisherman group has been welcoming "novice" and guiding them with good intentions.

  For brand choices, there will be a group of "buying entry kits" and "buying the best you can afford" and "obtaining warranty". I think this is a good thing worth talking about. These dialogue quickly solved the following problems: 1. "What type of water did you fish?" 2. "What type of fish do you want to fish?"

  This is a good direction for dialogue, because it provides the greatest help for the starter and helps them make better purchase decisions.

  However, you cannot solve all these problems in the 30 -second elevator speech on Tenkara. When I introduce Tenkara, I mean the question of which kind of pole or what kind of line I always choose. I provide my email address and encourage everyone to send specific problems. I shared the brand and comments, as well as the forum and the Facebook website so that people can track their own Intel.

  Screenshot 2015-08-21, 3.04.24 pm

  I brought them to Tenkara’s friendly guide and flying shop of the entire Abbarachians. I began to ask them about water issues, the size, depth, flow rate, fish size, etc.

  However, for beginners, there may be too many these. If they are newbies of fishing, they may never hear or consider these issues before. When I asked "warm water or cold water", "bass or catfish", I often see this. The big question mark always pops up in the bubble above their heads.

  This year, I added slides on the deck of the presentation and entered Nitty Gritty. This is the so -called "Article 12 Rules". This is nothing more than a designed to stick to beginners and help him or her beautiful guide in the process. Even if they don’t remember anything else, this will still help them there. If you are a new flight fishing and want to stand out from Tenkara, please remember this: twelve feet. Twelve steps. Twelve (size) fly -12/12/12. It will let you get started.

  Screenshot 2015-08-21, 3.04.13 pm

  All the others are endless. Forget the details of water or species. In the basic elements of Tenkara Fly Fishing, let us take 12/12/12 as the starting point. Simply finish. I can use 12/12/12 rigs to fish most of the waters and species along the Blue Ridge. A 12 -foot rod has an incredible generality and function.

  These 12 -foot rods have the best position of fish in the range of 10 to 16 inches, and they are routinely landing catfish in a 20 -inch situation. It is best to use the long line of about using a rod, so a twelve walking line is suitable for it. My teaching also suggested that "furry Kevlar", there are several reasons, including durability, zero stretching and easy casting.

  The third round is the flies size. Over the years, we have escaped the flight size back and forth. In the growing Tenkara fisherman community, the general consensus tends to the twelve flies. Remember, we cut the entire system to a "easy start" component. I dare to be sure that a few flies will complete this work. With a small number of 12 Sakasa Kebari Japanese -style flies, I am confident in any water.

  When starting the next Tenkara adventure, please use "12 rules".

  -Jason Sparks, Abbarachia Tenkara fishingman

Fridays on the Fly: Abbi Bagwell Confronts Her Streamer Addiction Head-on


Friday immediately: Abbi Bagwell (ABBI BAGWELL) faces her ribbon addiction positively

  Photos of Alan Broyhill (Alan Broyhill)

  stream media. What an intoxicating words. For those who don’t know what the ribbon is, let me fill you. Ribbons are large flies that mimic large bait, such as bait, crayfish, Hellgrammites, Leeches and other large aquatic insects. The ribbon is the closest to the fisherman who imitates traditional bait.

  I didn’t start playing fishing, but I came to find that the style of fishing was a real addiction. Don’t misunderstand what I meant. I like to hang the indicator of two flies at the bottom. Watching "Thingamabobber" is inhaled into the water, but this is not the same as you feel that the huge fish is watering or watching the fish. During life, delicious flies.


  "Dipping" -Come on, this is not your idea. Dipping the production line can make your ribbon life, make flies dance in the water, and imitate your "bait" when swimming. This is the reason why streaming media fishing is so outstanding -chasing stimulus. You are looking for a fish to find a ribbon physically.

  What is the most exciting thing for ribbon fishing? The larger flies captured larger fish. period. You can drift nymphs or floats all day, but it is unparalleled to throw the chickens to 10 years old. I don’t say that it is not exciting to catch 22 -inch brown catfish on 24 MIDGE (super small flies). Must -this is enthusiastic. However, I like its work, energy, exquisite and dedication. You have been moving, constantly covering a lot of water, and constantly on your toes, waiting for the river monster to wipe out your flies.


  I threw a ribbon throughout the afternoon and the whole night, and returned empty -handed. But this is its beauty. That’s why it is called fishing, not fishing. For me, this is about the journey. This is about experience and related to learning.

  Therefore, next time you loaded the flying fishing adventure, 8WT was carried out, bringing 3 times tips, grabbing some Skulpin Bunnies, and then ready. You will be fascinated; if you stand behind, in front of me or near me, when I put the chicken chuck to the fish I dreamed of Dream, it will be fascinated.

  Abbi Bagwell is the business operating manager of Flymen Fishing Company, headquartered in Brevard, North Carolina. Pay attention to her flies fishing adventure on Instagram and YouTube.

Weekend Pick: Fly Fishing Expo in Fletcher, North Carolina, Dec. 5-6


Weekend Draft: December 5th to 6th, Flying Fishing Fishing Expo in Fleen, North Carolina

  The days may become shorter and cold, but the fish is still biting! Show your sports at the Flying Fishing Fair in Western Cartian, show some winter love to your sports, this Friday and Saturday at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fle Chest.WNC-EXPO

  In the sixth year of returning to the center, Fly Fishing Expo attracted more than 1,000 fishingmen from all over the southeast. The weekend was full of exhibitions, demonstrations, courses and professional players.

  Fishing experts (such as George Daniel, Blane Chocklett and Jon Hooper (Blane Chocklett) and Jon Hooper will prepare your games and provide you with the best new new new new new skills to improve your skills. Skill. In addition, the kidnapping and casting clinic with these well -known people will help you to make new knowledge and prepare water. The Council of the Southeast of the International Flying Fisherman Federation even sponsored a 3,200 square foot indoor casting pool to build it specifically for these clinics.

  Your favorite manufacturer, store and organization will also participate in the expo. Don’t miss Flyman Fishing Co., Fishpond, Hatch Fly Reels, Carolina Mountain Sports, RIVERS EDGE OUTFITERS, Hunter Banks Company, and many other groups, ready to provide good suggestions and discounts.

  The 2014 WNC Flying Fishing Expo is destined to be hit by the fishing community, so please mark your calendar. No need to register -starting at 12 pm on Friday, tickets can only be listed at the door. Children under 16 years of age are even free of charge! Don’t miss the largest flying fishing activities in the Southeast.

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